Search Engine Optimization

The Mother of All Buzzwords!

Anyone with a business is being bombarded with messages, phone calls, emails, probably even a fax or two, all talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is not one thing, but more a way of looking at everything you do on the web to improve your ranking.

Our approach to SEO is based on two ideas:

    External SEO

  • Help People Find Your Site
  • This is what most people think of when they talk about SEO. Focusing on local search results for Western New York businesses, we work on maximizing your ranking. More importantly, we are committed to ethical and honest business practices to achieve our results. You have probably heard from SEO’s that “guarantee a number one Google ranking”. Can they do that? Maybe for a little bit, but they’ll have to cheat to make that happen and it is only a matter of time before the hammer comes down and you are ranked lower than e coli.

    Internal SEO

  • Make Your Site Worth Finding
  • Someone clicked your link on Google. Now what? Unless your content is compelling and helps your users solve their problems, that first click is also going to be the last. We do our best to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes to understand their needs and what they want from you. We interview them, we watch them use your site, we ask them questions. We take all of that and make your website reflect that knowledge.

When we say “you don’t have a technology problem”, we mean it. Chances are, you don’t need a total rebuild of your website, but some rearranging and tweaking. We don’t want a one-shot, see you later job. Websites are a process, not a project, and we want to be your partner.