BAAC Super Bowl Pool

First Quarter: $150 – Pettis

Half: $200 – Clough

Third Quarter: $150 – Frustaci

Final: $500 – Shine

Column numbers will be randomly chosen, they’re here for now just so you can pick a square. Use AFC/NFC for the square number. Email Robin Helak or call Gary at (716)308-9198 to choose a square.

0 2 8 6 4 3 5 1 7 9
2 Scott Regdos C. Carrow ZDON T. Doody T.D. Bases Pistols B.L.  Eric Wags Pete Fields  Sunshine DZiama
1 Adam Johnson S. Battaglia Mr. Jack B. Anderson  Shine  Halsdorfer Silvana Baransk Marc Halpern Clough T. Doody
3 C. Elis Shine  Bruno Frustaci R. Suer S. Battaglia P. McGowan Frustaci C. Smith Pettis D. Batz
5 Pilat K. Pettis Bob Pim Shaw Clough Twig A.B. Helak  Coach Meyer Winnert
4 A.N. Helak  Jim Robinson Frustaci M. Fagnan Bases Loaded Bill Boling  D’Agostini Shine Frank & Alanna  Joe Hennesy
6  Coach Barry Karr T. Doody Don Edman Matteson Pettis Winnert Clough  Frank Frustaci Stan Helak
8 Frustaci Patti McGowan D. Batz Jon Max Clough B. Anderson  Jim Robinson Gibbons  Domenic Verni Shine
9 T. Doody Halsdorfer Pete Fields Hewett Adam Johnson  Scott Schukra  Joe O’Donnell ZDON Frustaci C. Elis
0 Pettis J Sciolino (Gary) Clough  Gibbons Kevin Reimers Frustaci Scott Regdos Del Mitchell Kevin Stevens K. Dimmig
7 Ward Domenic Verni Winnert Springar C. Karr  Helak T. Doody Bob Pim G. Helak Matteson

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